A Brief History of Exotic Dance

For centuries various forms of exotic dance has been the preferred form of entertainment for both men and women. Exotic dance from Cincinnati strippers can range from being fully clothed to being completely nude. It’s origin is not known exactly, but long ago Kings and many other royal dignitaries would marvel at the sight of a peasant girl dancing for them in the outdoor courtyards. The dancer would wiggle her body in such a way as to bring excitement to all of the onlookers. The jerking, wiggling and other movements of the body would cause the dancer, herself, to reach soul wrenching orgasmic heights.

This type of entertainment never lost it’s intrigue. With an humble, early historic beginning, the exotic dance was very popular in France and England. As years passed and civilization became more widespread, the presence of an exotic dancer was relatively a private matter. The dancers were viewed indoors with a select audience. Exotic dancers were looked upon as the property of the noble person who was in charge. Their offering was to dance even though they were often times degraded. The fashion at that time was very basic. Peasants wore peasant dresses adorned with jewels that would be shaken to make rhythmic sounds, and scarfs that they would sling and twirl. Their feet would be bare and the hair would sensually tossed back and forth.

This was basically the essence of exotic dance until it was seen as a promising business venture during the European reformation years. Burlesque is a form of exotic dance that became very popular during the eighteenth century. In this form of dance, the dancer usually wore lots of feathers and a boa. She would do a peek-a-boo style of movement allowing just a little skin to be shown. She would use the boa to cover any part of her that may potentially be exposed. Burlesque was performed with such precision that it eventually had to be taught to new dancers seeking this as a dance career. Timing was everything and one of the most important aspects of the dance.

The dance was considered unlawful and only had marginal venues for performances. It is still considered to be the most elite form of exotic dance, and an all time favorite for the admirers of the art. Exotic dance is now a legal form of entertainment in the United States and abroad.