Other Styles of Exotic Dance

Strip tease is a form of dance that is exactly what the name implies. A dancer moves and gyrates erotically as she slowly takes off a piece of clothing. She does not remove everything, just enough to tease and tantalize the anxiously awaiting fans. A stripper is the name commonly given to a dancer who does a strip tease. In the modern day dance arena, strippers can perform in many different venues. Most dancers perform in bars and taverns, strip clubs and private parties. Some performers will even dance for very intimate parties with only one customer in attendance. Strip tease and stripping was derived from burlesque. If a little more flesh was shown, then the influx of money would be greater. In earlier years, before it was legal, clubs were raided because it had strippers performing. So the dancers were only dancing in the back rooms of a speak easy.

Even when exotic dance first became legal in the United States, dancers needed the protection of police or body guards to enter and exit certain venues. The popularity of strip tease and stripping continues to grow. Many dancers have had fulfilling careers and were able to support themselves amicably. Some even raised families on this income. Fashion for strip tease and stripping can be as varied as the dancer prefers. For strip tease, there had to be enough to remove some pieces and still have on enough to tease. Strippers today wear as little on stage as possible because they do not need to remove anything. The focus is on their body movement. Hire amazing Cincinnati stripper for your party to get professional strip tease.

Belly dancing and pole dancing

These two forms of exotic dance serve multiple purposes. Belly dancing was originally the dance of the women in the Middle East. It is based on an erotic platform. Mostly used for entertainment, it was also used as an aphrodisiac in its native culture. Today while still keeping the original flavor, it is used as a form of exercise, especially for toning the belly. This dance has somewhat of a complex flare. Though most of the dance movement is in the hip, it is the feet that powers the dance. Getting the right feet and leg involvement is the secret to this exotic dance.

Pole dancing takes skill. It looks easy but dancers had to work long and hard to master this form. Dancers use the pole as a stabilizer as they maneuver around, and up and down in sexually suggestive dance moves. Exotic dances are designed to add a sexual desire in the hearts and minds of those who love to be entertained by it. It arouses and put smiles on the faces of the patrons. Exotic dancing is an established profession that has experienced many downfalls, but today it is an acceptable career choice for the women and men who have perfected this art form.